Cedar Lake Association
P.O Box 1005
North Branford, CT 06471

May 3rd, 2020

Dear loyal member,

As we approach the warmer weather, we would like to uphold the appearance and safety of the beach and lake. Along the boat launch area, there are a number of boats and canoes. We know many of these belong to current members and are being used. However, there are a number of boats, canoes, and other watercraft that are not being used, do not belong to members, and there are some we believe are abandoned. The boats in their current arrangement are very messy and unorganized. Some are holding water which becomes stagnate and will start to attract mosquitoes and other insects as the weather gets warmer. We would like to clean the area for safety reasons and to make it more aesthetically pleasing. If you have a boat, canoe, or other watercraft at the lake, we ask that you contact us so we can identify the boats that are abandoned. Abandoned boats will be removed. Also, if you have watercraft at the lake and are no longer using it, we kindly ask that you remove the watercraft from the lake property. As we identify the abandoned boats and members remove crafts not being used, we will start to arrange the watercraft in a neat and organized manner. In our last annual meeting, the possibility of a boat rack was discussed. This is a possibility for the future; however, the first step will be to identify boat to owner.

In order to proceed, we ask that you contact, Diane Sullivan, at 203.996.9563, to make arrangements to identify and tag your boat as a “member boat”. Again, all unidentified watercraft will be removed. We ask that all watercraft be identified no later than May 30, 2020.

On another note, we will advertise for the annual tag sale as we do every year. Please remember that this is not a Cedar Lake event. If you choose to participate, please consider current safety practices. We will keep you posted with the status of the Fourth of July parade and picnic.

Please contact the CLA Board with any questions at:

Thank you for your time and best regards,

CLA Executive Board
Cedar Lake Association
P.O. Box 1005
North Branford, CT 06471